The Earth Law Alliance encourages students of all disciplines to engage with the biggest question of our time – how do we shift our societies from the current destructive, exploitative, growth-at-all-costs model, to a way of living that is regenerative, c0-operative, inclusive and based on whole systems thinking and design?

This is the challenge that our generation must face, and we don’t yet know whether we can get there from here! This challenge requires first acceptance and understanding of what is and the kind of faulty thinking that got us here, and the courage, fortitude and perseverance to change the systems that are not fit for purpose. It starts with a shift in mindset so that we see ourselves not as separate from nature, but part of it. It demands of us, whatever our area of study, the willingness to become “eco-literate”, to take the time to learn how ecosystems function, what makes and keeps them resilient. Our economic system and our law and governance systems must derive from this understanding, for they can only ever be a sub-set of the whole Earth system, and nature’s laws will ultimately always prevail.

If you are interested in setting up an Earth Law Alliance student chapter at your college or university, please get in touch with us for ideas and materials to help you do that.