What we do

Law and Governance for Life

Earth Law Alliance advocates for human activity that operates within nature’s laws.

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We are at a time of huge ecological and climate crisis. Focus on nature needs to be at the heart of everything we do. We need laws that support healthy biodiversity and protect the rights of all species, not just humans. As for governance, we urgently need more holistic and inclusive decision-making at all levels of society.

At the moment, our legal systems and governance structures lag behind scientific understanding of how living systems function. They do not take account of what is needed to protect, restore and maintain the health of our only home, Mother Earth. In short – our legal systems are not fit for purpose. We need new, innovative, legal frameworks and governance systems to enable humans, other species and our entire biosphere to thrive.

Ideas and understanding of how to create and implement laws and governance systems that ensure a healthy planet are already developing. International lawsConstitutional laws, national laws and local laws are emerging that seek to meet the challenge of creating life-sustaining communities, but there is much, much more to do.