Executive Director

Lisa Mead is one of the founders of the Earth Law Alliance and has been its lead co-ordinator since January 2013. Lisa qualified as a Solicitor in England in 1994, and for the next decade worked as a commercial lawyer in the City of London. Since 2006 Lisa has lived in Findhorn, Scotland, where she has worked and volunteered for a number of the Findhorn ecovillage’s enterprises and charities.

In 2010 she released her first film, The Turning Point: A Return to Community, a documentary featuring many of the Findhorn community’s low carbon enterprises, which conveyed an overarching message of the sacredness of all life. She is a faculty member at Findhorn College, where she teaches on matters relating to sustainability and alternative economic design on Gaia Education’s Design for Sustainability program.

In December 2015 she presented a new case for consideration at the Third International Tribunal for the Rights of Nature in Paris, France, on the issue of Depletion of Marine Life.

Her passion for Earth Law arises from a belief that we need a radically new approach to human governance as an antidote to ecological decline and intensifying resource depletion.

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