Whole Systems Thinking in Law and Governance

Nautilus1The primary aim of the Earth Law Alliance is to accelerate the development and implementation of laws and governance systems that recognise the interconnectedness of all life. Our current legal systems lag behind our scientific understanding of how natural systems operate, and therefore do not take into account what is required to protect Earth and support truly sustainable living. In short – our legal systems are not fit for purpose. We need new, innovative legal frameworks and governance systems to enable both people and planet to thrive. Ideas and understanding of how to create and implement laws and governance systems that ensure a healthy planet are already developing. International lawsConstitutional laws, national laws and local laws are already emerging that seek to meet the challenge of creating life-sustaining communities. The Earth Law Alliance offers a collaborative platform for multi-disciplinary sharing and learning about ideas, philosophies, successes and failures in developing and using law to protect all life.    

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