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School of fishDo you ever get the feeling that as a species we are going around in circles? Looking for solutions in the place where the problems were originally created? Acting out of habit, with short-sightedness and a distinct lack of vision as to what is possible if we apply our hearts and minds in a creative and holistic way to the issues we face?

The question on many people’s minds now is “How can we live together in a different way, so that we stop destroying Earth and all Earth’s inhabitants?” It is with this fundamental question in mind that the Earth Law Alliance’s new Earth Law Solutions Forum seeks to provide a forum for deep consideration of the issues that affect us all.

Earth Law recognises the intrinsic value of nature and the interconnectedness of all life on Earth. It is law that puts the well-being of the planet as a whole ahead of human self-interest alone. Only recently have we started to consider what this kind of law might mean for the globally-dominant economic and cultural paradigm that we currently live in. Inevitably, bringing ourselves and our societies back into alignment with Nature, and recognising ourselves as part of Nature, will involve a profound evolutionary and cultural leap and ultimately, a rediscovery of who we really are.

The laws that we create in our human societies either support our healthy inter-existence with all of life, or they do not. Law is just a tool that reflects the dominant mental constructs of any given time in history. It is clear that we are long overdue an overhaul of our laws, to bring them into alignment with what we know to be true about life on Earth.

The purpose of the Earth Law Solutions Forum is to encourage debate relating to potential solutions to the major challenges and opportunities of our time. Earth Laws will flow naturally from the acceptance of ways of being on the planet that recognise the intrinsic value of nature and the interconnectedness of all life, and, in turn, Earth Law has the potential to shape new ways of thinking and being.

The Earth Law Solutions Forum is open to anyone with a sincere interest in being part of the solution, whether you are working in the field of law or not. We aim to encourage debate, information sharing and problem-solving across national boundaries and across many disciplines – the more creative minds the better.

The first question has just been posted on the Forum by Earth Law Alliance member Bronwyn Lay. It relates to the Rights of Nature movement, and asks how groups advocating for the inclusion of Nature within law and politics can invoke the presence of Nature within their own structures and decision-making processes, and ultimately, how to do this throughout society?

If you are keen to be part of the solution, join the Earth Law Solutions Forum now! You can join either by completing the form on the Join Us page of the Earth Law Alliance website, or by emailing me directly at to get a username and password.

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Lisa Mead


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