European Citizens Initiative for Rights of Nature

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    Mumta Ito

    For more information about this project follow the links below:

    Ecologist Article:

    Draft Directive for proposal

    Here is the ECI summary doc (more detail about the European Citizens Initiative – strategy, timeline and tasks at the end):

    If you have any comments or suggestions for the Draft Directive or would like to/ know anyone who would like to get involved in taking the initiative forward with us please contact me at


    Lisa Mead

    Hi Mumta

    Thanks for posting these links to the Rights of Nature ECI documents.

    I encourage members of the forum to take a look at the draft. It is an evolving document so your comments or questions will be helpful for Mumta and the core drafting team I am sure.

    Mumta – could you give us a personal update as to your process and progress with this important project?

    Best regards



    Mumta Ito

    Thanks Lisa – project is progressing well. We now have an active team of approx 70 people working in 15 countries. We are at the start of Phase 2 (Phase 1 was about drafting the directive, doing research into EU policy and building the team; Phase 2 is about creating the communications material, building strategic alliances and building our supporter and funding base). There is also a review of the ECI regulation this year and I’m on the board of an organisation who are campaigning for changes that will make the instrument more citizen friendly ( We are also organising a rights of nature tribunal and 8000 Drums ceremony at the COP21 Paris meeting in Dec (Toltec prophecy that when the 8000 drums beat for Mother Earth a massive healing will take place). Anyone who wishes to get involved or knows anyone who can assist with the cause get in touch with me! 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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